Wine Event Big Success


A special thank you to our friends and family who came out to support The Day Nursery at our 2017 Wine Event Thursday night at Trattoria 225 in Oak Park.
It was  heartening to have our fundraiser well-supported during the budget crisis in the State of Illinois.  After a 2-year budget impasse we are sorely missing the $80,000.00 plus due to us to help provide services for the families and children of The Day Nursery. Every sip and nibble our guests took at Trattoria 225 helps keep our program going strong.
Nancy Clark was given the Rocking Horse Award for 2017 for her more than 25 years of helping the children of The Day Nursery in a myriad of ways.  She is a former board member and current financial committee member.
It is these volunteer efforts that make a difference in running The Day Nursery and we can not thank Nancy enough for her work and dedication.
We plan other events soon which both support and celebrate the efforts of our community and raise much needed funds.


The A. Montgomery Ward Foundation Donates $10,000 to The Day Nursery


Our ongoing funding efforts to help the children and families of The Day Nursery have resulted in a generous gift from the A. Montgomery Ward Foundation. The Day Nursery is very grateful to the Foundation for this gift that will allow us to upgrade the furniture in the classrooms, thereby enhancing the learning environment.

The $10,000 gift allows The Day Nursery to replace all of the tables used by the children throughout The Day Nursery, and all the chairs in one of the classrooms.  Cheap plastic is now being replaced by long-lasting and durable wood table and chairs.  All the new furniture will also be appropriately-sized for the children.

The Day Nursery is now seeking an additional $5,000.00, which will be used to replace the remaining chairs in all of the other classrooms.

It is community-minded foundations, companies, and people like you that sustain our 105-year institution!

The Day Nursery is grateful to all our donors. Your generous donations help us off-set the supplies, teaching, and infrastructure expenses that make The Day Nursery a gold-standard in early childhood care and education.

More about the Foundation: The A. Montgomery Ward Foundation was established by his daughter, Marjorie Montgomery Ward Baker, in 1959 to support and strengthen charitable institutions that provide quality educational and cultural programming for the current and future residents of Chicago, Illinois, and its surrounding communities.